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  • Start a successful business even though business may not have been your major in college and you have no business experience.

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Strategic Profit Acceleration Secrets by Dr Bruce A Parker

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 Outline for the 3-month Laser Focused Rapid Results coaching Program 

A Business Breakthrough Session
Laser Focused Rapid Results Coaching Session

  • Review your business culture
  • What is working Best In Your Business
  • Are you moving forward regularly
  • Are you held back in any facet of your business
    • What is holding you back and from what accomplishment
  • What Monumental Problems Do You solve
  • Who do you solve them for
  • What is your focus in your business?
    • Solve current problems
    • Transform the lives’ or business for the clients you serve
  • What are your financial arrangements
    • Third party pay
    • Premium Care Transformational Programs
  • Review your marketing and online presence
  • What would your business look like if you went to the next level
  • What would your business look like if you went to the next level

Meet Your Coach

Your Coach

Dr Bruce Parker, AKA Dr Bruce, is an entrepreneur, speaker, #1 best-selling author and business profitability coach who works with, entrepreneurs, transformational chiropractors, wellness providers and transformational coaches, who are looking for more income and profitability in their business. Just like Dr. V who increased his income over $250,000 (cash) not just gross billings) in one

year without spending an additional dime on marketing or advertising.

Dr. Bruce developed a 13-clinic Chiropractic Organization and was president of a 28-clinic chiropractic enterprise that was designated to become a publicly traded company. In addition to his extensive experience with multi-clinic chiropractic enterprises, Dr. Bruce has worked personally with dental practices, integrated functional medicine practices, and business entrepreneurs, focusing primarily to increase bottom line “Net Profits”

Dr Bruce’s focus on business strategy as the foundation for delivering transformational products and services has made him an advocate for taking action and building on one’s strengths and experiences to create a life and work balance that is fun, flexible, energizing, contributory and financially rewarding.

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Coaching Packages 


Rapid Results one to one private COACHING

  • Ulimoted per month 60-minute on-going coaching sessions with a group of (5-8) people
  • Support before the coaching session: ensures that we make the most of every minute we spend together; maximizing your investment and the results you create.
  • Post Session Recap System: helps to integrate the coaching into your daily life. Journaling and Just in Time coaching via our TCC Client Log: keeps the coaching going via email in between coaching sessions
  • Support Between the Sessions: Coaching Sessions are recorded so you can re-listen and gain even further value from the details of the session.
  • These groups are scheduled periodically throughout the year, and run for four- month segments.


I will show you exactly what I do to add 5 figures to your monthly income, how to stabilize your cash flow and remove the inconsistencies in your income caused by relying on insurance payments. Plus… increase your income by thousands in 90 days or less; drastically increase your referrals, client retention, and your personal and financial freedom. YES! You will finally have the money and the time to enjoy your practice, rather than being a slave to the daily operations.

  • I will show you a proven 5 step process that will add 5 figures to your monthly income, consistently generate record breaking months and get you off the hamster wheel of micromanaging the business tasks of your practice and become a master in the business of health care… While working fewer hours “in” the practice.
  • I help chiropractors view their practice as a business… And instead of the practice controlling you (just like a job) … And instead turn that job you own… Into you owning a valuable business asset that serve’s you. Rather than sacrifice your life and lifestyle to spend your time running on a hamster wheel to serve the business just to keep the bills paid and robs you of an abundant lifestyle.

I help chiropractors and wellness doctors who are at the 300K to 5 million level of income, that spend too much time micromanaging the business side of practice resulting in having more freedom and transform their income from being high “gross services” to become high “net income” by optimizing their practice for more profitability, by increasing patient engagement by recommending premium transformational care, for cash.




Your Top 3 Pains and the solutions for how to overcome them.

Want to explore whether we’re meant to work with each other?
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