Introduction of Dr Bruce Parker:

Dr Bruce Parker is the founder and president of “Bruce Parker Consulting”. Dr Parker has been referred to as the “Million Dollar Practice Coach” after helping professional practice owners achieve that coveted level of practice income, by following the business systems he developed while developing and operating his own 13 chiropractic clinics, which allowed him to live a life of freedom and privilege since he was 36 years old!

Though Dr Parker states he will never retire, he promoted the idea of retiring in practice. Retiring in practice is a metaphor for developing a practice that is so efficient the owner doctor may operate it a as a business that provides that owner personal freedom; rather than owning a job which requires their attention every day, and restricts them from having enough freedom in business, just to take a vacation once in a while, without financially devastating the practice. Dr Parker has been heard saying; “when you don’t have to be in the office every day… Is when you want to be”. 

When your business is stress free, operates on auto-pilot and is profitable, is when you really begin to enjoy your business; especially those that create amazing transformations for the clients you serve, who really want what you have to offer. Now when the time comes for a well-deserved family vacation, you will enjoy it more, knowing your business is thriving in your absence. 

Dr Parker say’s as a chiropractor or professional service provider… “We Were Never Schooled In How To Operate The Business That We Are In”! Many doctors will spend their entire practice life, struggling with the business and how to survive financially… Now Dr. Parker will show you – how to thrive! 

Presently Dr Parker focuses on teaching others the same system he developed to operate his own clinics… Which resulted in creating 13 thriving practices and living an extraordinary life. 
Dr Parker loves to introduce the tactics and secrets on how to create the practice and life you really want… How to spend more quality time with your family, educate your children at the finest schools, put your family in the house of your dreams… and have enough freedom in your life to travel extensively, while becoming financially free… 

Dr Parker is very transparent of the struggles he experienced which eventually led to his becoming an expert in practice development and management. Believing you should invest your time and money into your passion, Dr Parker sold his practices so he could devote his life to his passion which was to coach that segment of professional service providers and Chiropractors which were also experiencing the same roadblocks in success he had experienced.

Dr Parker decided he could make a greater impact to the health of the world, if he could help more chiropractors and health and wellness providers to make a greater impact on the health of their communities, worldwide. 

After selling his personal practice he stayed for one year and served only maintenance patients – and not seeing any new patients. In that final year after accepting zero new patients, he still averaged 343 paying patients per week! Which illustrates you can have massive retention and that people will pay for a service with cash out of pocket to receive it, when they understand the need and benefit. 

This also Illustrated his focus on recommending transformational care programs as the key to creating a real practice, with a solid patient base, which does not require a constant flow of new patients, just to maintain the business. 

Dr Parker knows that if health care providers would stop spending their primary attention, on marketing for new patients, and would put their primary attention on following a specific business plan that is designed to promote the benefits of your practice along with the internal systems to guide their patients on their journey to optimum health following the wisdom he offers which took the majority of his life to learn… and then apply these concepts to their practice or life immediately; they will see measurable changes in 90 days or less. 


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